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It is our pleasure to introduce to you Alheri Suites & Hospitality. Alheri Suites & Hospitality Ibadan is a Three- Star hotel where we have redefined customer’s satisfaction. The hotel is designed to give every guest a taste of royalty and a desired to return at all times.

Alheri Suites & Hospitality is a place of relaxation and lodging with different categories of tastefully-furnished and well maintained rooms and suites begins from our prestigious and unique Canadian Suites down to the England Deluxe Suites. The hotel is located in a serene environment and it is of a world standard.

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In recognition of the need for quality delivery of service, ensuring both internal and external well-being of all our guests/clients and to strengthen Hotel Business in the ancient city of Ibadan, it is the wish of Alheri Suites& Hospitality to identify and render you a taste of Royalty in suitable, relax and rejuvenate environment.